Thursday, 28 June 2012

Todays nails ** Essie**

Hello Darlings
To pass the time whilst waiting for my first ever Joliebox (I really hope it doesn't take this long all the time) I have decided to try out my new Essie ridge filling base and polish.

I bought these yesterday in Brighton,along with a gorgeous Elizabeth Arden lip protectant stick sheer tint ( I'll do a separate review on that!)
All of these were purchased in TKMaxx, you do have to do a fair old bit of rummaging but its SO worth it.
 The two Essies came as a duo and I paid £7.99 for them both, a bargain considering that one alone retails at that price.
My nail painting is a little sloppy here, but I plan on the washing up correcting that!

The ridge filling base is perfect for my nail as they are a little uneven and slightly pitted.
It goes on a slightly matte peach colour,which would look lovely on its own.
This product isn't available in stores/on their website but if you click HERE this Ebay seller still has a few of them for £7.00.

The polish is called "Secret Stash" and is a gorgeous bubblegum pink polish which glides on with the greatest ease. I did two coats of this polish,but for more of a jelly effect one coat works just as well. This is unfortunately unavailable in stores/ on their site,but I have found aother lovely Ebay seller who has some left HERE.
 Don't you just love Ebay, they have everything!! 

I adore essie and their lovely array of colours, my dream is to have a whole stand of Essie * similar to the one in Boots* on my dresser, swooooon!

 What is your favourite Essie colour? Any recommendations?
 Love, Pins.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Another Boots haul **inc Burt's Bees**

Hello Darlings

 Guess what?
I have been to Boots again!
 Here are the lovely things that tempted me this week

This is a beautifully smooth and gorgeously scented cream that glides on with ease.
I like to put this on my pins after de-fuzzing them and it leaves them super silky with a  healthy looking glow.At only £7.95, although if you head over to Boots right now ( go, run to Boots!) its only £5.30 , Bargain eh? I actually prefer this to the Body Shop version which is also almost double the price, ouch!
I give this a 4/5
What you cant see from the picture is that its also fairtrade.

This is a whopper of a product, it's 400ml.
This is a thick sugary paste that smells, and looks, edible. Its reminds me of cookie dough?!
You really don't need to use much of this product for it to have a huge effect. I bought this to transform my slightly troublesome thighs, and it is actually working! I only use a dollop around the size of a 50p, per thigh and after a few uses I'm looking smoother,less dimply and,most importantly,more confident!
This retails at £7.95 also but is currently selling at £5.30, just like its buttery counterpart.
I LOVE this product

This was a very naughty and indulgent purchase but boy am 
I glad I bought it!
As a Burt's Bees virgin I have been reading review after review on each of these lovely gems and decided now was the time to pop that cherry. Sorry if that sounded a little vile!
I have only used a few of the products in this box so far (I did buy it less that 24 hrs ago though, so forgive me) so I will just give a quick description of each product

1.Almond Milk beeswax hand cream
really do not like the smell of this as it reminds me of marzipan (yuk)
but I did give it a little go and I do see what all the hype is about

2 replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil
A-MAZING! It glides on and although its got a red colourant in it,it doesn't tint your pout. It smells lovely and feels super soft and I couldn't stop smacking my lips together!

 3 thoroughly therapeutic honey and grapeseed oil hand cream
this is more of a lotion but only really in comparison to the other creams as they are so darn thick! This is great travel product as its a great size. Its smells very honey-y

4 coconut foot cream
Strange consistency, like a very thick syrup. Strong coconut scent, but not overpowering. I am looking forward to using this on my tired tootsies.

5 hand salve
This seems like a great hand balm, it smells very natural and like it will be good for you ( you know what I mean, yeah?!) I think i'll keep this in my bag as my hands can get quite dry during the day

6 lemon butter cuticle cream
"This smells like lemon meringue pie" as my OH ( other half) said, when I wafted it under his nose! I have very high expectations of this product. I'll let you know how I get on.
I wont give a rating as I haven't really tried it.

As a little tester kit this is a great way to try our the products at a snip of the price £12.99, this is also on 3for2,winner!

This is the product that I would choose in a " if you were on a desert island and could only take one item" situation. I smells divine, I personally think that there aren't enough banana scented things in the world!
This is a very thick and luxurious cream that contains beeswax to keep your mits all soft and protected against the elements. They recommend that you use is after washing your hands as it really does lock in moisture.
At £9.99 it is quite steep but I assure you its worth it. Its also on 3for2 in Boots right now,just incase you needed another reason to justify this purchase.

Have any of you tried any of these products? Or can you recommend any alternatives?

Rightio, I must dash as I'm off to Brighton with my Daddio
 Have a lovely day Darlings.
 Love, Pins. X

Sunday, 24 June 2012

**Blast from the past**

Hello Darlings
 I was doing a spot of internet surfing when I stumbled across THESE.

I can't believe that they are back !
Now, as much as I loved the spice girls I can't see myself wanting them this time round.
I would also like to thank my lovely Mum for not caving in the first time around when I begged for them. Don't think I could ever live that down!

Will any of you be purchasing these ?

Hope you al have had a lovely weekend.
 Love, Pins. X

Thursday, 21 June 2012

To buy or not to buy? *E.L.F brushes*

Evening Darlings
 I have a little dilemma, I'm looking for some new make up brushes and have spotted these little gems. £38.50 seems quite reasonable for 11 variants of brush. 

 Do any of you lovelies have any experience with them or can suggest something else?
I LOVE my MAC brushes but they are just so darn expensive!
 Love, as always.
Pins. X

Todays nails YSL

Hello Darlings
 Yesterday I received a very exciting present in the form of a YSL nail polish,eeeep!
 As this is my first expensive polish I couldn't wait to get home and put it on straight away.

The colour that I was given was no 18, Bleu Majorelle. This the most brilliantly cobalt blue colour I have ever seen.
 The brush is a fantastic shape and coated my whole nail in one short sweep. The colour is so intense and bright. I think I'm in love (swoon)! I don't think I could ever justify buying this for myself As they retail at around the £18 mark (ouchies), but it does make a great luxury gift.

What do you lovely ladies think?

 Much love, Pins

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Its here, Its here!! **GLOSSYBOX SPOILER** June 2012

Hello Darlings
 Its that exciting time of the month, Glossybox delivery day!! WOOOOO

 As I'm an impatient human I did do some research into this months box and there seem to be some very, very mixed reviews.
 I'll talk you through my box and i'll give a little rating out of 5 per item.

 First impressions... it didn't make me jump up and down
Hd Brows precision tweezers
I am extremely happy with these, I was gutted not to receive any HD brows last time.
These alone retail at £19.95 ( wowza!)
Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
 This excited me as I was in the market for a new brush.
I think would be a good powder/ blush brush. 
They say it's RRP is £15.00
Its a lovely brush but, personally, I wouldnt pay more than £9.00 for this. 
It is lovely and soft but when you try a MAC brush,it's hard to look elsewhere!

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches
My first thoughts were " great, another crappy perfume sample" 
But I will eat my words as I LOVE it!
(I am still lusting over the Caudalie vinosource )
This is a gorgeous,summery, fresh fragrance.
It reminds me of Chanel chance fraiche.
This is a great sized product , its 10ml.

Vichy dermablend starter kit
I love the idea of this sample it is so versatile and can be made to suit all skin types/colours.
I don't really have many flaws that I wish to camouflage so this product may not get tested for a while.
I do think this is a great sample though.

BM beauty summer warmth bronzer.
 It wasn't until I opened and tested this product ( with my new brush!) that I was truly blown away by it.
It is a gorgeous pure mineral bronzer which will be fab for highlighting and contouring my cheekbones. 
It have the most gorgeous sheen... look below

Just one dislike for this product, although its not really its fault... DO NOT GET IT ON THE CARPET!!! It really is a super pigmented bronzer (oops)

All in all a great glossy box and I'm rather impressed, now to wait for my Joliebox!! ( starts to get impatient again)

 What did you think of your June box? 

 Love, Pins. X

Things I'm loving right now

Morning Darlings
As I'm rather impatiently waiting for my Glossybox ( I'm like a small child on Christmas eve!)  I thought i'd let you into some of the products that I am loving so far this month.
There are also some great bargains here too!
Whenever I see a product I love on offer,I buy a few of them and put them in 'the box'.

Lets get started, shall we?!

From right to left, nivea pure and natural day cream,No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser, Quick thinking wipes.
The Nivea cream is a lovely, light and fresh feeling cream that really sets you up for the day ahead.
The hot cloth cleanser IS A DREAM! I'm used to use the Liz Earle version and I think I ay be converted. Its just as good, albeit different smelling and a lot cheaper ( especially if you have your £5 off voucher).
The wipes were a purchase made on the recommendation from the lovely SprinkleofGlitter as she mentioned they removed even waterproof mascara. They actually do!

 from right to left, Loreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal sparkling conditioner, and matching shampoo
I bought these as they were on offer in Superdrug ( half price right now) and it leaves my dull hair, gorgeously soft, smelling fab and actually glossy!
from right to left, Garnier summerbody lotion and Johnsons baby lotion.
The summerbody was bought to brighten up my lily white legs! After 4 days they are looking sun kissed and almost ready to come out!
Everyone should have some baby lotion in their possession, it's a great all rounder. 

Suddenly , eau de parfum
This is my all time best purchase. Its from Lidl and costs £4 and smells so close to Coco Chanel that when I asked my friend to tell the difference se couldn't.
Run out to your nearest Lidl and buy it now!

Models own polish in lemon meringue
This lovely creamy yellow polish goes on quite thin and needed a few coats but it looked perfect and lasted a whole week without chipping. 

From right to left, They're real mascara, Pore fessional, both from Benefit
After reading mixed reviews about the mascara I decided to buy a mini version of the product and I must say that I'm rather glad that I did. It did lengthen my lashes but that was after a few coats and, in my opinion, wasn't any better that the ' Bad Gal Lash'. I'll give it a few more goes and see if it was just a one off. 
The pore fessional is brilliant, it has a lovely consistency and blends into skin with ease. It smoothes away even the deepest pores. What's even better is that with this months GLAMOUR magazine IT IS FREE!! some packs with get That Gal and others will get a Bad Gal Lash.

Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks for Kate Moss
These are the best high street lipsticks I have found for a while, they glide on with creamy ease and colours are beautiful. But the best thing about them is that they are so affordable you can buy a few, just like I did !

from top to bottom, 01,03,04 and 12

Have any of you tried any of these? let me know what you think.

Also, are any of you beauties awaiting your Glossyboxes or even Joliebox?
I'm quite excited about this month, it's tipped to be one of the best.

hope you are all having a great week
Love, Pins. X

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Magical May

Good morning Darlings
 At the beginning of May I went of a little trip to Dorset. I wanted to show you all the cutesy pictures,as they still make we feel warm and fuzzy!

Lulworth cove
 Lovely Lulworth
 Corfe Castle
 Swanage steam railway
Luggage at the station

Dorset is such a lovely place to visit and is steeped in so much history.
If you are an Enid Blyton fan then Corfe Castle and the Swanage railway is for you. 
If you are more of a fossil hunter then Lulworth and the surrounding jurrasic coast is what you are looking for. 

Sometimes you really can't beat a holiday in dear ol' Blighty!

Love, Pins. X

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A big ol' belated Boots haul

Hello Darlings
 This week I have been buying things from Boots ,mainly No7( to use my £5 off vouchers). I'm going to let you all have a peak at them!
 I have been wanting to try ( and actually keep up with) a new skin care routine that actually works for my skin for aaages, so I pootled down to good old Boots and here are the goodies I left with.

From right to left, Soft and soothed toner, Colour Calming primer and Rapid Spot rescue.
From right to left, Beautiful skin BB cream, Beautiful skin night cream (jar) and Beautiful skin  cleansing water.

I won't go into too much technical/science-y jargon as its just plain boring! I'll just say the things that I loved/disliked about each product

Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner
 This is a lovely hydrating and gentle toner that sweeps away the last of your make up whilst toning your skin,ready for moisturizing. The pump action is a great feature as you get just the right amount out. I use two pumps,if you were wondering?! 3/5

Beautiful Skin BB cream in normal/oily (medium)
 I have given into the BB "hype" and bought this with rather high expectations, and it doesn't seem much better than a light foundation to me. Is it just me ,or is it just a bit meh? 1/5

Beautiful skin Rapid Spot Rescue
 This is A-mazing! I am always quite skeptical about spot treatments but this mighty little tube did exactly what it claimed to do, "visibly reduces spot size in just 2 hours".
Its a gel like consistency ( it reminded me of a peel off face mask / Bonjela?!) which covers the little beast and,I like to think,suffocates it!! A great purchase. 5/5

Colour Calming Primer for correcting red complexions
 This is something that I have been toying with the idea of,as the lack of air-con at my work makes my cheeks a blushing beetroot shade by lunchtime. At first I was quite scared at the idea of plastering my cheeks with a Shrek green liquid, but as it touched my face it evened out any redness,without making me look pukey. I highly recommend this for anyone of the rouge cheeked persuasion. 4/5

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/Oily skin
 I have a confession, I bought this for the "lazy days", when I just can't be bothered to cleanse properly, I'm a Liz Earle ,Hot cloth cleanser kinda Gal. It's a lovely smelling, easy cleanser, which makes my face the perfect canvas for moisturiser. This also has a lovely pump(I'm easily pleased!) 3.5/5

Beautiful skin Night Cream for Normal/Oily skin
This is my first night cream and I think its fab. I though that I was going to wake up with super greasy and spotty skin, but I wake up feeling soft, supple  and as if i've just had a spa treatment. 5/5

 I must say, that after just a few days my skin is looking a lot less dull and blemished. I'm starting to wonder just how amazing it could look if I actually drank the
 amount of water I'm supposed to!

To be honest, water is not my friend right now after drenching me on Monday and making my journey home take FOREVER!  Naughty rain!

Phew, that was a big old post! Hope that you all enjoyed it. 
 Love, Pins X
 Let me know if you have tried any of these products and how you found them.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Todays nails

 Morning Darlings,
 I thought I'd share todays nails with you.

They are in a MAC nail lacquer in the colour Hyperion, which is a lovely light baby blue/grey. This one seemed a little thinner in consistency than usual, but nevertheless its still gorgeous!
I love MAC nail colours as they go on like a dream and stay put with out the need for a top coat.

 What is you favourite nail polish brand?

Have a great day Beauties.
Love, Pins X

Charity shop haul.

Morning Darlings,
 Yesterday I had a busy old day launching a fashion store sale, so was up very early. So, on my way home I thought I'd have a good old mooch around the charity shops ( I was in the mood for a good old rummage!) and I stumbled across a fantastic haul of prettiness. 
 The first thing that caught my eye was a vintage Puma Hawaiian print high waisted skirt, infact there were two! Then a gorgeous striped dress with a red collar and sleeve caps, this is quite long but I may take it up a little. 
The next spot was a pair of emerald green shorts with darling little gold buttons, they are Ralph Lauren. 
 Lastly but by no means least was a gorgeous little gold and tan leather watch, this was an impulse buy,but it may actually be my favorite!

 Let me know of any super finds that you may have.
 Love Pins X

Lovely to meet you

Hello darlings, I thought i'd let you into my world of beauty,shopping and just plain old pretty things! ( who doesn't love something pretty?!) It's bloomin' lovely to meet you all. X