Saturday, 16 June 2012

A big ol' belated Boots haul

Hello Darlings
 This week I have been buying things from Boots ,mainly No7( to use my £5 off vouchers). I'm going to let you all have a peak at them!
 I have been wanting to try ( and actually keep up with) a new skin care routine that actually works for my skin for aaages, so I pootled down to good old Boots and here are the goodies I left with.

From right to left, Soft and soothed toner, Colour Calming primer and Rapid Spot rescue.
From right to left, Beautiful skin BB cream, Beautiful skin night cream (jar) and Beautiful skin  cleansing water.

I won't go into too much technical/science-y jargon as its just plain boring! I'll just say the things that I loved/disliked about each product

Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner
 This is a lovely hydrating and gentle toner that sweeps away the last of your make up whilst toning your skin,ready for moisturizing. The pump action is a great feature as you get just the right amount out. I use two pumps,if you were wondering?! 3/5

Beautiful Skin BB cream in normal/oily (medium)
 I have given into the BB "hype" and bought this with rather high expectations, and it doesn't seem much better than a light foundation to me. Is it just me ,or is it just a bit meh? 1/5

Beautiful skin Rapid Spot Rescue
 This is A-mazing! I am always quite skeptical about spot treatments but this mighty little tube did exactly what it claimed to do, "visibly reduces spot size in just 2 hours".
Its a gel like consistency ( it reminded me of a peel off face mask / Bonjela?!) which covers the little beast and,I like to think,suffocates it!! A great purchase. 5/5

Colour Calming Primer for correcting red complexions
 This is something that I have been toying with the idea of,as the lack of air-con at my work makes my cheeks a blushing beetroot shade by lunchtime. At first I was quite scared at the idea of plastering my cheeks with a Shrek green liquid, but as it touched my face it evened out any redness,without making me look pukey. I highly recommend this for anyone of the rouge cheeked persuasion. 4/5

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/Oily skin
 I have a confession, I bought this for the "lazy days", when I just can't be bothered to cleanse properly, I'm a Liz Earle ,Hot cloth cleanser kinda Gal. It's a lovely smelling, easy cleanser, which makes my face the perfect canvas for moisturiser. This also has a lovely pump(I'm easily pleased!) 3.5/5

Beautiful skin Night Cream for Normal/Oily skin
This is my first night cream and I think its fab. I though that I was going to wake up with super greasy and spotty skin, but I wake up feeling soft, supple  and as if i've just had a spa treatment. 5/5

 I must say, that after just a few days my skin is looking a lot less dull and blemished. I'm starting to wonder just how amazing it could look if I actually drank the
 amount of water I'm supposed to!

To be honest, water is not my friend right now after drenching me on Monday and making my journey home take FOREVER!  Naughty rain!

Phew, that was a big old post! Hope that you all enjoyed it. 
 Love, Pins X
 Let me know if you have tried any of these products and how you found them.


  1. Great post!! ;D

  2. Ooh I hope this brand is available in the US. Seems like something I would like to try!

    1. Hi Victoria, Boots is a dream store! It's where about 80% of my cosmetics/skin care comes from. When I get a few more followers I'll maybe run a giveaway with some of these products in.
      In the meantime lust over their website,, hope you enjoy!
      Love, Pins. X

  3. The BB creams are meant to seem like a foundation i think, it just differs because it has lots of nutrients which are amazing for the skin as well as moisturising and protecting against the sun. I use the garner one and iv noticed that my skin looks a lot less dull. Hope that helps :) great blog btw! x

  4. Thank you Katie. I have noticed that the more frequently I use it the better it seems to be getting. Must be all those nutrients hugging my face!
    Love, Pins. X