Thursday, 5 July 2012

Body Shop haul **inc Lily Cole**

Hello Darlings
 Since I have patiently been waiting my first ever Joliebox for what feels like a lifetime,I was very excited to hear a knock at the door on my day off.
 After terrifying the poor Postie,grabbing the box and bolting into the living room to rip open the package I realised that it wasn't my Joliebox, but the box of Body shop goodies that I ordered on Sunday.
I tore open the box and was greeted with the scent of cucumber and mint, it turns out that the lid of my free shower gel had popped open and doused all of my goodies in a sticky gel.

I shall show you the things that I managed to salvage from the soggy wreckage!

From the top to the bottom; Facial massager,fuzzy peach shower gel, mini brush kit,wild rose hand cream and Lily Cole pearl radiance primer.

Missing from the picture are the free earth lovers cucumber and mint shower gel which you can see HERE
And the Ultra fine Bath lily in cream( that got soggy too) which you can see HERE

There was a discount code that I was sent from O2 which meant I got 40% off so all of this came to £25.40 inc delivery. Bargain eh?

I have been looking for one of these for a while,to see if it has any affect on my skin. It has a lovely light wooden handle and soft rubbery nodules that help to increase the blood flow to the skin. I have given it a brief go and my skin was left feeling stimulated and perky. I am going to use it before my night cream and see if it helps with the absorption. 

This smells gorgeous! I haven't used this product yet but I have used the green apple version which leaves my skin baby soft and smelling fruity! Right now these shower gels are only £2 too. Winner! 

Seeing as I still haven't decided which E.L.F brushes to try out I thought I'd these little cuties
 They are actually smaller than I had though but I do have a few of their older fullsize brushes,so I know that they are truly great quality. They come in a sweet little pouch with a mirror which makes them perfect to throw in your handbag. Each little brush has written on it which part of your face its for ( this is handy for early morning make up applications!) the four you get are; cheek,eye,slanted and lip.
The handles are really comfortable to hold and the brush itself is very soft and thick.

This is a lovely luxurious cream that absorbs quickly, leaving a light rose scent and super soft skin.
 I love hand cream and personally thing that you never can have too much! 
I bought a 30ml version so it can live in my handbag with, even without the discount £5 is a great price. I will most definitely be purchasing this again.

This was first on my " to buy from the Bodyshop" list!
 After hearing great things about her range,and being a lover of pearly shine I HAD to try this out for myself.
The primer is a pump action tube filled with pearly beads suspended in a lightweight gel. Doesn't it look beautiful? I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!

This is how it comes out. The amount there is waaay to much which I realised soon after I had to rub it in up to my elbows! Classy! In reality you only need around a 1/3 of this amount. 
It is rather difficult to rub in as the 'pearls' do not blend very well and sort of leave a skin behind. Remember those bath pearls that you could burst under water , and then play with the shell? Its a bit like a teeny tiny version on that!
When it eventually rubs in, it leaves a lovely subtle sheen which can be used on its own or under make up.
This retails at £12 but they have a 40% off promotion at the moment. Its limited edition ,so grab it whilst you can.
Over all I do like this product but it didn't live up to my expectations, I will continue to use it but probably wouldn't purchase it again.

I have really enjoyed this haul,despite the exploding shower gel! The Body Shop is great for bulk buying when they have their promotions/free item. 

Now I just need my Joliebox to turn up * back to sitting by the letterbox*

Have any of you lovelies tried any of these or know of any alternatives?

Hope you are all having a lovely week.
Much Love, Pins. X


  1. Hmmm now I want a facial massager, its sounds great!

    1. It feels amazing. It looks rather dangerous though, don't you think?! I highly recommend it. X

  2. What a fabulous haul you have there :) shame about the leakage!! I hate it when things like that happen! I enjoyed reading this post, and was excited to read about the Lily Cole primer. I hope your Joliebox turns up soon! x

    1. The primer is lovely once you get used to the texture of it! I'm considering getting some more Lily Cole products before they disappear. X

  3. Very nice! I wanna try the lily cole collection! X

    1. I definitely recommend giving it a go. The packaging is gorgeous! X

  4. I have a Jane Iredale foundation that looks just like this and comes out the same way! I actually should do a blog post on it...still trying to figure out the best way to use it but I think its buffing it into the skin. Def. different tho!xx

    1. Oooh yes, do a post on it, I'm interested to see . I found that buffing it helped it a lot. The consistency it quite gross! X