Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mac Haul ** Foundation and Eyebrow Crayon **

Hello Darlings
 As its my holiday I have been having quite a few splurges(well I have been working hard!) and this little haul is one of them.

 I known its only two items but as Mac is quite pricey I think that two items class as a haul! They are both items that I have had on my wish list for quite some time so it feels great to have them finally in my possession. Also, I had sold a huge haul of clothes on Ebay so this justified some of my splurging!

 The first item is the face and body foundation in N2.
This is definitely a brush or fingers type of foundation, I tried a little on a makeup sponge and it all disappeared inside the sponge in one quick 'schlurp' ! Oops!

 I was assured by the lovely mac lady that this will give me the dewy glow that I was looking for whilst providing light-full coverage. This product is a build-able so you can vary the amount of coverage that you need, I think this is great perk as I'm going through a breakout right now. This can also be used on the chest and arm area( well, all over your body really). I am in full blown love with this little bottle of gorgeous!!

 The second product is also a product that I have been lusting over for sometime and that is the eyebrow crayon in 'lingering'.
I opted for a crayon as it gives a more natural fill to my brows, I find a pencil too time consuming and I don't feel it gives a natural finish.

sorry about the blurry pic (the front camera on the Iphone is a bit pap)
 I had been looking for a pencil/crayon to fill out my brows as naturally as possible without giving me the dreaded 'scousebrow'!

Usually I'm a right wuss when it come to talking to 'Beauty counter Girls' as I just like to pootle about at my own pace and discover things on my own, this time I was brave!
 I was doing some swatches of the eyebrow crayon on my hands and I was so sure I had picked the right shade for my brows, I was wrong. I had already asked for help matching the foundation as I usually get it way off, so as the lovely Lady was matching me up I showed her the crayon I'd chosen and said ' thats about the right shade for my brows isn't it?' she smiled a lovely smile and picked up a different shade and tested on me there and then, it was perfect. The one I had 'matched' to myself was about 6 shades darker!

Really don't be afraid to ask for help as its what the lovely ladies are trained and there for.

 What is your favorite MAC product? I think this might be mine!

Love Pins. X


  1. Great post !

    Love MAC products so much !!

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

    p.s check out the link in my latest post as well :)



  2. Thank you Doll. I'm already itching to buy more MAC!!
    Will be sure to check you out. Pins. X

  3. The foundation looks great! Just what I am looking for, dewy and light coverage! Great blog!


  4. This sounds like the product for you. It feels beautiful on my skin and makes me feel confident, which in my opinion is everything. Pop into your nearest MAC and give it a try. X