Thursday, 12 July 2012

Joliebox June ** Birthday edition**

Hello Darlings
 After a very VERY long wait for my first Joliebox I got is this morning and I can happily say it is totes amaze!
 I'm not going to go into details of the delivery issues as its no fault of Joliebox. Lets get on with the contents shall we?!

As it is their first year anniversary box they created two limited edition boxes and I received this lovely little orange number. What do you think?
One of the things that drew me to Joliebox was that they have their own magazine crammed  full of product reviews and how to guides. I have only flicked through but its safe to say that J'adore the Joliemag!

From left to right; Yon-Ka Pamplemousse protective and vitalizing cream(normal to oily),Institut esthederm Bronz repair body lotion, Leonor greyl volumizing shampoo with algae extracts,L'occitane angelica hydration cream and at the very top in the Elysambre lipstick in 109.

I'll give a brief review and my first impressions of these items as I haven't tested them for long ( I did receive it this morning!) 

Pampelmousse protective and vitalizing cream for normal to oily skin.
This is a beautybox first, a customised product ( provided you filled in your beauty profile AND received your original box!)
I have heard many great things about Yon-ka products but was yet to actually own one. This is a full sized 50ml product which retails at around the £30.00 mark.
This thick,luxurious cream feels and smells beautiful whilst being crammed full of botanical essential oils. It blends into skin leaving it looking fresh and dewy. The smell may be quite overpowering to some but I love the creamy citrusy scent( it smells like lemon sorbet to me)
So far I am loving this product and am already looking into other products from the same brand. 

Institut esthederm
Bronz repair body lotion
 I am still not quite 100% on what this product is really for! 
They say its a lotion that " battles damage caused by the sun and reduces signs of ageing, whilst also helping skin achieve a healthy glow". It directs you to apply generously before sun exposure and then every two hours and after bathing. My understanding is that its a anti wrinkle tanning lotion.
As we have had no sun (some July this is) I can only comment on its smell. It smells like a floral suncream.
It is a 20ml sample.
 I won't give it a rating as I haven't used it correctly/ unsure what it really is!

Leonor greyl
volumizing shampoo with algae extracts
I believe that this is an extra product that was sent to new subscribers.
They say its " ideal for fine and limp hair,this detangling shampoo gives hair volume, vigour and support". I am really looking forward to using this product as my hair needs a little bit of TLC. This 50 ml sample smells like the sort of shampoo you are treated to in a luxury salon. I do love a good hair product! 
I will let you know how I get on with this product.

Angelica hydration cream
After getting impatient in the wait for this box I did do some blog stalking to find out the kind of products that were going to be in it (who doesn't though!) and this was the product  I was looking forward to trying most.
This gorgeous little 15ml tub is crammed full of the refreshingly scented cream which claims to plump, smooth and revitalize the skin. I have used this already after cleansing my face and I can honestly say that I can feel the difference. My face is smoother and looks healthier.

lipstick in 109
After stalking the contents  of other peoples boxes I was quite worried about the colour that I might receive but I am delighted with it. Its a deep purple-red which is matte. This is also a full sized product, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it is in sample packaging as its a little undesirable. It is quite difficult to apply directly to the lips, I think because of the matte-ness of it. Using a lip brush it went on perfectly.
I really like this product and am already looking into other items by the brand.

They also threw in a little jolie nail file, who doesn't love a free nail file?!

After the dramatic wait, this box has been totally worth it and all of the products are lovely ,and cost a small fortune! I love everything about Joliebox and am already looking forward to Julys box.

Hope you all enjoyed your boxes.
Much love, Pins. X

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  1. Love the colour of the lipstick <3

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