Monday, 23 July 2012

Joliebox ** July 2012 **

Hello Darlings
 Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. I have been a busy old bee at work,but as of yesterday( Sunday 22nd) I am on holiday for two whole weeks. Woop woop!
Anyshmoo, lets get on with this months Joliebox shall we?

 Even though the June box arrived only a few weeks ago, the July box is here!

My first impressions of the box are a bit "meh" to be honest, this might be down to the exciting june box.

From left to right: nailgirls two mini polishes,Jane Iredale Tantasia, Essential care organic rose moisturiser, Wen by Caz Dean sweet almond and mint cleansing conditioner and ETAT PUR Biometric skincare B09-Express purifying mask. Plus a cute pair of joliebox toe separators. 

Nailgirls mini polishes in gold and bronze
 I can't say that I have ever heard of this brand before, but that means nothing really does it?! The two polishes are from the 'Medal collection, inspired by the olympics'. You each received two minis in either bronze,silver or gold. I really like the two little polishes that I was sent. They were really easy to apply and they gave great coverage with just one coat.

Its a slightly sloppy application! 

I give these products 4/5

Jane Iredale Tantasia 
This little tube is filled with a gorgeous smelling( it smells like a lemon meringue pie to me?!) self-tanner for the face and body. It is an instant results kinda thing which gives a healthy glow. It's a creamy gel consistency which blends in easily.
 I'm not really a fan of fake tan or the heavily bronzed look but I think I may give this a go for a night out with the girlies.

Overall I give this a 3/5

Essential care organic rose moisturiser.
This is a little added bonus item from Team Jolie for all the hooha over the June box. This is a really lovely little gesture which certainly cheered me up. I am starting to get a little bored of Rose scented things now as they are just everywhere, but this light cream is great for throwing in your handbag and carrying around with you.
There were many different bonus items that were sent out , which I think were from previous boxes. 4/5

Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner
After doing the Ombre, the ends of my hair have been looking a little tired, so this tube has got me all excited! I shall be trying this product out first thing in the morning, so I will describe my first impressions. This is quite a big tube (50ml) so am hoping to get a fair few uses out of it. The smell is really quite light, the mint is just the right level to be refeshing and not overpowering. I am alway dubious of anything containing an almond scent as it tends to give me childhood Christmas flashbacks of picking the marzipan( bleurgh) off of my Christmas cake! I can safely say that there is no almond scent at all, just the nourishing nature and creaminess.
There is quite a full-on set of directions for use(lots of massaging,foaming,combing,rinsing etc) but I'll give it a go to see if that is really necessary or not, and let you know the result!
4/5 ( mainly on looks and scent!)

Etat pure Biometric skincare B09-Express purifying mask.
 As I am AWFUL with surprises I had already 'researched' this box before receiving and had decided that I really WANTED this product! I am always keeping my eyes peeled for a mask or serum-y type treat for my face and this has ticked my boxes. I have actually been wearing the mask whilst typing this up! It doesn't have any obvious scent and is a lovely thick matte cream.

They recommend that you apply a thin layer,leave for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I did all of the above and the results are... velvety smooth, soft skin. Hurrah!
I really enjoyed this product and despite initially being bummed that there was no scent ,I think its actually a good thing. It feels like a truly luxurious product and I highly recommend it. I have already started to look up their other products!

Overall I give this box 3.5/5 The mask was the highlight for me and everything else was okay. This is only my second box so it is being put up against the Birthday box which I really liked, I can't wait to see what August has in store!

I have just had my Glossybox despatch email(Yippee) and I have also signed up to SheSaidBeauty so there will have to be some healthy competition to win my heart!

 Did you receive any of the above products? What are your views on the different boxes?
I'd love to hear from you.

Hope you are all having a great week and are managing to soak up some sun.
 Love, Pins. X


  1. The mask sounds lovely! I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it. Looks like a pretty good mix of products to me!!


    1. My skin still feels wonderful today, I think that mask is a winner! Pins X

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 SheInside giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

    1. I'll be sure to check it out. Pins X

  3. I love the colour of that gold polish :) I keep being tempted by bloggers all over into subscribing to one of these monthly box services!! x

    1. Its a really lovely gold, its making me look like i have a tan too! Bonus! Each box have their pros and cons but they are something exciting to look forward to each month. Let me know if you decided to go for one. Pins X