Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nails of the day: Nude * Models Own *

Hello Darlings
 Todays nails are a gorgeous nude from the brand Models Own. I have had my eye on this colour for a about a month, so when Boots had an offer for buy one get one half price I HAD to buy it!

 Nude Beige

This is like a foundation for my finger nails. Its the perfect colour for barely there nails.

Seeing as it was on offer it would have been rude not to pick another polish. 
so I opted for this super neon orange colour.
hedkandi beach party

As I couldn't get away with this bright colour on my fingers at work I though I'd treat my little piggies, its like they each have a high vis jacket on!!
Its so bright it almost glows in the dark!

Models own polishes are very easy to work with and very affordable for what feels like a high end polish.

Do you have any recommendations for my next colour?
Love, Pins. X


  1. I love neons! Prefect for summer! following you now :)
    Girl Meets Beauty

    1. Thank you Sweetie. I love my neon tootsies! X

  2. Those polishes are lovely :) x

    1. Thank you Doll, I have just bought a few more of theirs too! X

  3. That's a great nude color polish! I haven't seen that brand here in the states!

    1. I hope they make their way to you soon! They used to sell them in Urban Outfitters before they hit the shops/drugstores here. X